How You Can Help


Employment is critical for anyone, but especially returning citizens. They often have no access to transportation, housing, or healthy food since they lack the resources to purchase those basic needs. While it is tough to hire a person with a criminal record, if you are in a position to offer employment you will help make one returning citizen successful.

Information about hiring returning citizens.

Housing Managers

Returning citizens often have only a half-way house or maybe no housing available. If you have housing available, especially low-rent housing, you could be the key for a returning citizen to finding a safe place to sleep and shower. Please consider making your space available to a returning citizen.

Information about housing for returning citizens.

Food Services

Everyone knows that food is one of the most critical needs for any human, and returning citizens are no exception. Hungry people are more apt to commit crimes -- just to eat. If you operate a food bank or other food resource, please help us share that information with returning citizens.

Information about food for returning citizens.